Winter Reveals Structure and Shape of the Garden

Although the days are slowly drawing out, spring still feels a long way away and there doesn’t seem like there is much going on in your garden. The new year can provide you with an opportunity to reassess your garden. Winter reveals the structure and shapes of the space or lack of it. 


When planting is fading, what is revealed are the geometric shapes that enhance the overall design of the garden that are aesthetic and pleasurable. You can now evaluate how well these shapes are working. 

Do you now find that you have a path that doesn’t seem to go anywhere or areas that are competing with each other? Are you thinking too much about the bigger areas and forgetting that smaller shapes with innovative planting can create real interest. 

You may have found the reason why some aspects of your garden were not working so well together last summer or lacked a coherence that would have struck the right tone with what you were trying to achieve with the space. A garden designer can help solve those problem areas. Garden design doesn’t mean changing the whole garden but making areas work more coherently with each other


This is also the time to be thinking about spring planting. What winter plants lack in visual drama they can make up with fragrance. Consider planting Sarcococca.


Early flowering Helibores and evergreen clematis add some much needed colour in January/February. And for a bit of winter vibrancy, the striking reds of Dogwood to ease you into the new season and the promise of what lies ahead.

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