Looking for Glorious Evergreens


Now that we’re moving ever closer to winter, the colour is draining away in the garden but this doesn’t have to be the case.  You don’t have to reach for the familiar evergreens to keep colour and interest, there are some lesser known alternatives to shake up your planting palette.

Acuba japonica f.longifolia ‘Salicifolia’makes an excellent backdrop or screening shrub for shady areas and works well in town gardens with its slender dark green leaves and large scarlet berries. 

For deep shade, Hedera helix ‘Erecta’ is an intriguing common ivy with upright stems covered in arrow shaped deep green leaves. A slow grower, the stems eventually lean over , putting down roots and growing vertically again. With patience, it can make a substantial evergreen shrub.

Texture is just as important as colour. Corokia cotoneaster is a fascinating evergreen with its fine zig-zagging dark stems. Corokia x vigata ‘Yellow Wonder’ is not shy in coming forwards amongst dark evergreens. Masses of small yellow flowers followed by yellow berries will reward your patience.

All of these are good choices for small urban gardens. Did you know that one in four front gardens are now completely paved over?

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is calling on the nation to get Greening Grey Britain as it believes it is vital to reverse this trend for the nation’s health, for wildlife, to mitigate against pollution and heat waves, and to protect the UK’s homes from flooding.  

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