Getting through the pandemic & the importance of green spaces

A little late with my new year wishes but I have been reflecting on where we find ourselves 10 months into the pandemic. New year brings with it new beginnings & new projects but as we find ourselves locked down for a third time, I like a lot of people I know, am having to dig deep to keep motivated, keep planning & roll with the uncertainty of what this year will bring.

One unexpected silver lining from the pandemic has been the importance of our gardens and outdoor spaces to our wellbeing. We have already been rewarded with some beautiful frosty mornings and stunning winter sunsets. And in such uncertain times, nature is still doing its thing, passing through its cycles, making ready with its early green shoots, reminding us that spring is coming and that winter will pass. This cycle has even more resonance as we live with this pandemic & the restrictions it has placed upon us.

 In Exeter, we are so fortunate to have many public green spaces and easy access to the Green Circle walks wherever you are in the city. At a time when we are encouraged to take ‘local’ exercise, we do have lots of options. We also have the opportunity to help shape Exeter City Council’s parks & green spaces strategy to ensure these outdoor spaces do meet the needs of everyone in Exeter’s communities. I think we all agree that these spaces have never been more important to us. You can have your say here. The survey closes 31 January 2021



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