An Explosion of Autumn Reds and Golds

I love autumn and over the last week we’ve enjoyed some beautiful sunshine as the leaves are starting to turn. Although lots of things have gone over in the garden, there are so many ways of keeping colour in your garden throughout the winter.

Perennials like Asters and Rudebeckia work beautifully. Dahlia David Howard with its burst orange flowers and coppery foliage is a personal favourite. Plant it amongst Persicaria (Red Dragon), a vigorous spreading perennial with small white flowers and stunning copper leaves for an explosion of autumn reds and golds.

Purple Asters look great with Rudebeckia for a riot of colour in an autumn garden. Planting perennials will not give you an immediate wow factor but your patience will be rewarded. The value of garden design is that you can be really thoughtful about how you want your garden to look all year round. Incorporating a planting plan in your design means you can plan ahead with your planting to ensure colour, architectural drama and an element of surprise.


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